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Friday, March 18, 2011

Click To Enbiggen

Just added a slew of photos to our Flickr stream.
Some stolen off our Facebook group. Others are owner submissions. Here are a few.
See more here and here.

"Retroscool's" Juice 29er w/ Titec H-bars and Surly Larry front tire

Jeff's Stanyan, which replaced a big brand aluminum road bike.
Wishes he replaced it sooner.

Soma ES from Dream Cycle.

Soma Double Cross from Dream Cycle. These are NOT custom matched
fenders! Amazingly the "beige" SKS Longboard fenders made from
recycled PET water bottles match our Ivory paint pretty closely.

Friday, November 2, 2007

2008 Frame News and Other Updates

[Orginally posted Oct 2, 2007 on the mother site]
• Our Kamisori and Ensho saddles hit the warehouse today. In October, just as we said! That's a first. These are slick looking colored saddles with a CrMo rail price instead of a Ti rail price that most colored race saddles have.

• We have a Flickr page: It is mainly for posting older frame pix and Soma owner pix, but we did post a a pic of the new 650b MTB concept bike over there.

• 2008 Soma Rush: We will be phasing out the Fiery Red color and introducing a Pearl White. If you think white is a little 'played out', you can still get it in black. But our new Japanese distributor, Tokyo San Esu, really wanted to see white Rushes. Downtube decals will be removable on the new stock.

• 2008 Double Cross DC (i.e. "disc/canti"): We will finally be releasing a Double Cross with disc mounts. Cantilever bosses will be removable. Some of you are probably saying, "It's about time." It will be in the matte Midnight Silver that's been popular on our Juice frames. For the time being, this model will be offered in only 50 to 58cm.

There will still be cantilever-only Double Crosses in 2008 --for those who don't see the need for discs-- in a full size range.

• There is a brand new road frame that we plan to release mid-2008. We will release more details after evaluating our prototypes.