Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A New Soma Sport Bottle

With an estimated 8 billion spring water bottles worldwide NOT making it to the recycling centers in 2006 alone, there is no better time to reduce your plastic trash heap-making habit and hydrate responsibly.

Need more brilliant reasons to do so?
1 )Well we are finally releasing an improved polypropylene bottle with a softer spout, so it is easier to pull open with your teeth.
2 ) Plus it IS "Green Week" on NBC!

I go to the gym regularly to keep my back in shape and I get really riled when I see most people carrying Aquafina and Crystal Geyser bottles instead of a reuseable bottle. If they work out 3x a week, that adds up 156 bottles a year per gym rat. This is in the SF Bay Area where drinking straight from the tap will not turn your stomach. If you live in Texas or someplace where filtering your tap water is a must, I feel for you. But I still think using a reusable bottle is a one of the easier "green" habits all of us can adopt. I use reusable bottles at the gym and at work and of course for cycling.

The Soma bottle is still polypropylene (recycling symbol #5). It will not add a plastic taste like traditional LDPE bicycle water bottles, but it is squeezable like an LDPE (recycling symbol #4)bottle. It also has not been shown to leach bisephenol-A like the popular Lexan / polycarbonate (recycling symbol #7) camping bottles.

The new 22 oz. cycling bottle is available in "smoke" and "blue" in a few days. Unlike Pepsi and other water bottlers, we are happy if you only buy 2 of our bottles per year.
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