Friday, August 24, 2012

Soma Rush and Premium Rush: No Relation, Really

This is a primer for the new punks just getting into fixed gear.

You old timers can hit the snooze button.

This post is a pre-emptive clarification that our track frame, the Rush, is not named Rush because we were inspired by the new Premium Rush bike messenger action flick. Though we can't say the thought of trying to "cash in" some how did not cross our mind -- ha ha.

The Rush was part of the original line-up of four frames when we started Soma in 2001.
The idea was for a fast track-inspired steel frame. Durable, too. Since more than a couple of messengers complained that the few track frames available then didn't last them all that long.
We didn't know how popular they would be, but when our first production sold out in less than four months, we had our first clue.

The Rush is available as frame alone, which gives you build options galore. Soma offers matching color threadless forks, straight blade forks or you can choose a threaded fork so you can run a quill stem for that classic look.

The current Soma Rush is of Tange Prestige double butted CrMo steel (original was Reynolds 631). It weighs in around 4.1 lbs which is lighter than most steel track frames available today. But the big difference is not weight –– a extra 3/4 pound is not much more to pedal around on –– not a big deal at all if you aren't racing. BUT that extra tubing thickness makes a significant difference in ride feel of the frame, especially if you are riding 23c's. We won't try to convince you here, but just ask someone who has ridden a custom steel frame the difference between cheap steel bikes and a nice steel bike.

Till you are believers, young ones...  ride often, watch for car doors, wear a helmet and don't believe everything you see in movies.

The Soma Rush make a good roommate. Photos: Joaquin S.
Shower photo: "EpicSchwinn"

Monday, August 20, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Soma Double Cross Ralph Lauren

On display at Ralph Lauren in downtown SF.

Soma Double Cross Cream

Soma Double Cross Cream, originally uploaded by somaflickrations.

Built up by Citizen Chain in Northbeach SF.

Pushing The Pedals (In Cuba)

Yes. The guy is carrying a cake while gravel grinding it to some customer's home.
The photographer followed him for over a mile and  he never faltered.
I smell a possible race event idea.
Happy Friday everyone. Just wanted to share an up and coming bicycle blog. I met Daniel, the writer, when he was working at American Cyclery in S.F. He is now in the Czech Republic of all places. Most of his articles are regarding touring or bike camping.

One of his latest posts was guest penned by his girlfriend. She went to Cuba, a place I have always been interested in checking out. Here are a couple of photos. Visit Pushing the Pedals to read more.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Soma Tradesman - Back in Stock and Updated

The Tradesman cargo frame set is back in stock. We have made a few updates.
- The steel platform rack now has rounded corners. It is less industrial looking, but is friendlier to walls and shins. It is slightly lighter, but attaches with beefier hardware.
- The fork has a longer steerer.
- The seat tube is now externally butted, so you don't need a shim for the front derailleur. A plain ol' 31.8mm is fine.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cycle Monkey Rohloff Juice Build

Neil over at Cycle Monkey just sent over a link to their blog post on their newest rohloff build using the 2012 Soma Juice frame. Check it out here

(IRD sliding dropouts for a clean chainline)

(Using the Monkey Bone adapter plate)

Make sure to get in touch with Cycle Monkey if you're looking to build up a Rohloff bike. All three of our mountain bike frames (the Analog, the B-Side and the Juice) are fully Rohloff compatible for 2012. Keep an eye out for new sliding dropout models coming in 2013!

Monday, August 6, 2012

"From Repack to Rwanda" -- Mountain Bike History Exhibit at the San Francisco Airport

The exhibit just opened this weekend and will run through February in the international terminal at SFO. It covers the "humble origins, evolution, and global reach" of the mountain bike. The exhibit mainly tracks the evolution from the Northern California beginnings, though guest curator Joe Breeze would be the first to admit that the people came up with the idea of mountain biking in different parts of the country.

The SFO Museum has really come up with an entertaining and informative exhibit that will appeal to the historian and people just on their way out of the country. Definitely try to check it out if you are visiting the Bay Area.

We were able to be at the opening and hang out and eat coconut shrimp with some of the luminaries of early mountain bike development.  Photos below. More on our Facebook page.
Schwinn Admiral DX: A proto-typical cruiser before
being stripped and "klunkerfied" for Repack glory
Mountain biking started as a way to have fun. But in 2005, Tom Ritchey
was inspired to repurpose the mountain bike into something that would
hopefully help people in Rwanda. In back of the bike is one of the wooden
work bikes that the Rwandans would put together if they didn't have money
to buy a bike.
On display through February.
John Castellano's sketches for the Sweet Spot suspension design.
FYI: Castellano's current iteration of the Sweet Spot is a great platform
for a single speed MTB. Check out the Zorro.

Joe Breeze and Merry Sales Co.'s Jim and John Porter. Merry Sales was one
of the distributors for Joe Breeze Cycles in the 90's and are also responsible
for birthing Soma Fabrications. The Soma Groove frame was
partially inspired by Breeze's hardtail geometry.

TrailMaster #2 by Eric Koski improved on the Pro Cruiser design that
brother Don Koski built for Mert Lawwill. Among the improvements was
changing the 66.5° head angle to 70° which is still common today.

The Kestrel Nitro was hardest piece to secure for the exhibit.

In the Aviation Museum where the reception was held. Among those
attending were Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Tom Ritchey, Charlie Kelly,
Wende Cragg, Charlie Cunningham, the Koski Bros., Otis Guy,
Steve Potts, John Castellano, and Jackie Phelan.
Photo opp at the display itself.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nakano Air Hubs

These have been in the works for a long time and we finally have then in stock.

They're hubs that inflate your tires as you ride.These are great for a low maintenance commuter bike. Use these with the Blue Seal tire sealant and you'll have a flat proof wheelset.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Minoura Camera Mounts

Here's a neat widget that just arrived from Japan.

Pretty cool right? The clamp adjusts to fit any size bar and works with most cameras and camcorders. An excellent idea for recording your rides or for documentation in case of an accident.

Contact your local bike shop for pricing and availability.

Unique Tradesman Build

This one comes from Single and Fixed in Singapore.