Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ride On Review the Soma ES Complete

This is an excerpt of a review by Ride On for the ES complete bike built with SRAM Apex shifters and derailleurs, Sugino Alpina 50-34t cranks and Suzue wheels.

... It can be run very light, but I had it set up touring style with racks and mudguard. These accessories were no impediment to this feisty machine....Smooth speed is the natural expression of this bike... ES stands for "extra smooth" and derives from Soma Smoothie road bike...The smooth description however can only be relative to an out-and-out racing bike -- all day comfort on this machine is somewhat traded for thrills compared to the laid back randonneurs of this rider's experience.
A compact crankset with SRAM double-tap shifters ably provides  for gears. The rear cassette changes down to a 32 cog which seemed ample to provide all the luggage with which one might handicap this fine steed...the IRD dual pivot calipers did not pull you up as effectively as your would expect. Fine tuning and some softer pads helped...

Score: 83%

Function: 32/40

Quality: 34/40

Price: 7/10

Appearance: 10/10

Monday, October 19, 2015

Introducing Two New Soma Tires

We are excited to introduce the Shikoro and Supple Vitesse 700c road clincher tires. Both come in widths that serve categories from racing and raining to touring and commuting (23, 28, 33, 38, 42c). Both utilize a mostly smooth all-road tread pattern and a High Mileage high carbon rubber compound. And as usual, we've tapped Panaracer's Japanese factories to produce these for us to ensure a high quality product.

The Shikoro is aimed at a wide range of riders that value efficient and comfortable road performance with durability and robust puncture protection. The bead-to-bead Dense Weave Polyamide breaker provides protection against both tread punctures and sidewall cuts. It offers better protection than the Hypertex casing used on our New Xpress tires and smoother ride quality. The tri-layer 4HD casing offers a nice balance of low rolling resistance and rigid support needed in cornering. We anticipate the Shikoro will be pressed into service for mostly training, club rides, and gritty commutes, but won't be surprised to see folks using them on gravel races where there's a lot of pavement. Available in folding and steel bead.

Soma Shikoro (700x28c shown): "Shikoro" is the term for the neckguard on a samurai  helmet.
Shikoro 700 x 42c

The Supple Vitesse is aimed at cyclists valuing a premium ride quality above all else. The heart of this tire is it supple tubular casing, which offers a high level of vibration absorption and road feel, plus very low rolling resistance. You will find the wider tires to be remarkably plush, but not slow at all. And discerning riders should notice the narrower models will be as fast and positive feeling as  high end tires marketed specifically for racing. We offer an SL (superlight) model as well as an EX model, which has a thicker tread for longer tire life. Skinwall and folding bead only.

A lightweight tubular casing offers the supple speedy ride of a tubular – but in a clincher design.

Five sizes and two tread thicknesses to suit a variety of riding needs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Treads Soon

One of our new treads is equipped with a "Tubular Casing" --Promises a plush and scary fast ride,
but it will get angry if you ask about its TPI.