Friday, January 25, 2008

New Product Updates: Hellyers in Gold!

We here at Soma are continually getting feedback from you on what you want to put on your rides. We always listen. Sometimes we'll even take your advice.

Available next week will be...
  • Hellyer Track Pedals with gold cages (what better to go with gold Sugino RD Messenger Cranks?). Standard black version will be back in stock, too.
  • Urban Pursuit Bars in shotpeen ano black. (Also recently we switched to a nicer polished finish on our silver anodized bars.)
  • Powdercoat black steel toe clips in 4-gate versions (other colors in late Feb.)
  • Speedster frames will be back, too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Let's Do This"

Alleycat in sunny Florida:

Speaking of cactus, our track grips now come in neon green. If interested, please let your favorite LBS know ASAP. Look for them on the web store by the 18th.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

EuroTrip Fenders Now Come In EIGHT Colors*

Our EuroTrip fenders have sold reasonably well thanks to their Break-Away safety feature and height adjustment feature, but also because they are one of the only bicycle fenders available in colors.
This month we introduce four more colors –– pink, pearl blue, titanium, and pinstripe black.
* These new colors will only be available in the narrow 37mm size, except for pink which we also made some 45mm's.

Why are we so stoked about colors for fenders? Fenders are probably the most practical thing you can put on your commuter bike next to a blinky or rack. Everyone knows that. But not everyone is aware of how colored fenders can radically transform the look of your ride. They can really snazz things up.

Other Sizes:
Our 45mm and 60mm fenders were originally available in just black, but this year we are adding silver, red, and electric blue (the original colors still available for the 37mm's)