Wednesday, January 2, 2008

EuroTrip Fenders Now Come In EIGHT Colors*

Our EuroTrip fenders have sold reasonably well thanks to their Break-Away safety feature and height adjustment feature, but also because they are one of the only bicycle fenders available in colors.
This month we introduce four more colors –– pink, pearl blue, titanium, and pinstripe black.
* These new colors will only be available in the narrow 37mm size, except for pink which we also made some 45mm's.

Why are we so stoked about colors for fenders? Fenders are probably the most practical thing you can put on your commuter bike next to a blinky or rack. Everyone knows that. But not everyone is aware of how colored fenders can radically transform the look of your ride. They can really snazz things up.

Other Sizes:
Our 45mm and 60mm fenders were originally available in just black, but this year we are adding silver, red, and electric blue (the original colors still available for the 37mm's)


Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but here's my 2 cents anyway: You guys need to try to get QBP or BTI to carry these fenders so more shops know about them and can order them easily. I live in Chicago where everyone who has a frame that can take them should be sporting some nice fenders, and I don't think I've ever seen anyone with these on the road. I'm sure people about to drop $500 on some colored deep Vs might be tempted by such an affordable and sensible way to add some color to a bike if they knew about them.

Prime Online said...

I'm def. going to try and source me some of these fenders, they are exactly what I've been looking for!