Friday, February 26, 2010

Subscribe To Bicycle Times - Win A Buena Vista

For a chance to win a Buena Vista frame set check out Bicycle Times issue #5. Fill out the form to subscribe and you have your name in the running. Bicycle Times (published by the same folks as Dirt Rag) is all about fun. Commuting, exploring, touring, transporting, it’s all good. There’s city rides to be done, and country rides too, all presented with an informative, no-attitude style, on the web and in the quarterly print magazine. Bicycle Times, for your everyday cycling adventure! Print or digital subscriptions available!

Winner will have their choice of the Bacardi White or new for 2010 Graphite(Metallica Gray) paint scheme.

Gals dig mixtes; maybe that's why so many guys are getting them, too.
Upright bars and tweed are optional. Mixtes in the 70's rocked
drop bars and so can the Buena Vista. More pix here.
Photo by Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland

Monday, February 22, 2010

Double Cross DC Reviewed In Bicycle Times

Matt K's DCDC

Matt is the graphic guy at Dirt Rag/Bicycle Times. He picked up a DCDC a while back with intent on making his sole commuting rig, though he did take off the fenders to do some racing on it. He was nice enough to do little for a review for us even though he paid money for the frame. It was in print on Bicycle Times #4, but only hit their website this month.

Actually Dirt Rag was one of the first magazine to ever review a Double Cross way back in 2002 I think. Photo: Justin Steiner

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How's the VD

So not into the Valentine's Day thing myself, I resonated with the alleycat, "VD: Race for a Cure" in Davis, CA. While Davis is not Portland, bikes are a big part of the scene thanks to the University of CA campus and 50 years of local bicycle advocacy. It was an unseasonably warm winter day in Northern California (Can't believe it snowed in Atlanta this week) great day for a bike thing.
Matt sent this sweet photo from the event....
kill me.

Monday, February 8, 2010


IRD just released these classic-inspired Defiant track cranks. They are 6061-T6 aluminum in a 144BCD, they tell us they cold forged them for additional durability and strength. The fluting is gorgeous and they will definitely add class to any build. We got 'em on the store.