Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Got A New Riff to Show You! ( And the B-Side Name is Retired)

We came up with the B-Side name mainly to help Kirk Pacenti create buzz for 650B as a new mountain bike tire standard. We weren't alone on using puns: Carver Bikes had the Killer B and Haro had the Beasely. But that was over 10 years ago and we feel the name doesn't suit the times anymore. Our main reasons for thinking this?

1) MTB tire makers in their wisdom have chosen to put "27.5" on their sidewalls-- instead of using the original name 650B.

2) On a 45 record, side A had the song you bought the record for. The B-Side usually had a weaker track no one cared about. But now the 27.5" tire size is a huge hit on its own. So it hardly fits the role of the other tire size no one cares about.

We are making some significant changes to the frame this year, so it is as good a time as any to work in a new name.

So we give you the Riff (another music-themed name, a practice we started back in 2001 with the Groove).

New Features:
  • IRD Broski sliding dropouts 
  • New sizing and longer geometry
  • 34.9mm seat tube to fit more models of dropper posts
  • Dropper post internal routing on seat tube
  • Paint: Pelham Blue, a classic color for electric guitars
What stays the same?
  • Still is a trail-oriented hardtail frame designed for 120mm (or 100mm) travel forks and 27.5" wheels
  • Fits 27.5" tires up to 2.8" without needing Boost parts 
  • Belt drive option available
  • Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo steel tubing.
  • Can handle 1-1/8" steerers as well as tapered steerers by using different lower headset assemblies
  • Can take a front derailleur 

The Juice, our 29er hardtail, adopts the same new features and sizing scheme as well; however the Juice goes from SM to XL, while the Riff goes from XS to LG. Paint: Battleship Gray.
Geometry charts included below.

First production to arrive early June 2018.
Models will be added to the website next month