Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The Soma Buena Vista Honored with "Most Supple Bike of 2021" Title


The Path Less Pedaled is a YouTube channel and blog that has been showcasing the non-competitive side of cycling for over 5 years now. The channel focuses on gravel riding, bikepacking, bicycle tourism and just riding #partypace.

In the strange year that was 2021, TPLP looked for unusual and unexpected bikes that could excel in gravel. And we were very happy that he asked to try one of our disc mixte frames. Since we launched the disc version of our Buena Vista, one of the most appreciated benefits has been enhanced tire clearance, enough to fit our 700c x 42 or 650b x 50 Cazadero tires. The rim brake version (still available) is limited to 700c x 32 or 650b x 42.

When the video hit YouTube in July, we were ecstatic. This was possibly the first gravel bike review on a mixte frame ever. The greater bike industry and most bike enthusiasts don't see the mixte bike as anything more than a nice casual city bike and a "women's bike" at that. We were quite satisfied to get this overdue validation that this bike is a lot more than that.

So you can imagine how we felt when earlier this month, Russ e-mailed us.

"Just a heads up.  The Buena Vista is our co-Most Supple Bike of the year this year." 

Thank you Path Less Pedaled for the honor and for what you've provided to the cycling community these past few years.

PLP Buena Vista Video Review 

The Most Supple Bike of 2021 Award Video