Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Bar Tape Uses Advanced Soft Touch Materials

Our distributor in the Northwest, UBP, passed this little tidbit on to us.
It seems that our Thick and Zesty Bar Tape is not only great for handlebars. There is gal in the Fluid Luminescence Circus Arts Collective whose dance performances involves oversized hula hoops. She uses our tape to wrap her hoops. Check out a pretty awesome action shot of her.

Speaking of bar tape, we are about to increase our Thick and Zesty line yet again.

• For those with sweaty palms or who like the gruff striated texture of our Camouflage tape, we are offering Thick and Zesty "Striated" in basic solid colors.

• For those who must have the latest and greatest, we introduce our most advanced tape, Thick and Zesty "Soft Touch". It features the shock absorbent EVA resin material of standard T'n'Z and bonds it to high tech soft touch polyurethane. This stuff feels great. Grippy, but not tacky. Soft and subtly velvety to the touch. It just feels... good! Available in four solid colors.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soma Will Be At The Bicycle Film Festival

The Bicycle Film Festival kicks off today in San Francisco.

We previously announced that we will be at the BFF Street Party on Saturday showing our wares- noon -5pm, BUT that has been cancelled "due to circumstances beyond the organizers' control." Vendors have been re-located to 180 Capp St (Bottle Capp Gallery), which is where the JoyRide art exhibit is being curated. So try to drop by between programs. Vendors will be showing their stuff, but however the entertainment scheduled could not be brought indoors.

Good news: West Coast Gold Sprints is putting together Friday's After-Party. To be at Sports Basement on Bryant St. just mere blocks from the Victoria Theater. Soma will be laying down many goodies to sprint winners and folks that sign up for SFBC tonight. And if you've been to a WCGS event, you know they put on an exciting event. Click on image for details.

Anyways this is about art and film, not parties and vendor booths.
Individual film program tickets start at $10. Festival passes are $30.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hellyer Crank Photos

The new Hellyer Cranks are available soon.
Shops can place their orders next week
with their distributor. Right now they only come in
46t, though we have more people saying 47t is becoming
the new "standard" locally. What is the most common in
your neck of the woods? If we do 2 aftermarket sizes
of the new drilled ring, what sizes should they be?
If we do colors, which would play well in your
tribe (please...when we say 'tribe' we don't mean
just you). Thanks.