Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Product Updates and Belated Name Dropping

Here's an example of how off the back we can be at promoting ourselves.
Patrick O' Grady of Mad Dog Media (and VeloNews fame) bought a Double Cross for his wife back in Dec. 06. We were aware of that purchase, but never knew that he bought one for himself as well last June. So here we are name-dropping 8 month later. If you are interested in what he thinks of them, see the 9-09-07 and 6-15-07 entries on The Daily Dog.

In other Double Cross news, you people have been asking about the Double Cross Disc/Canti edition. We have delayed releasing this at least until May. We apologize to those who were looking to get this for their spring rides. We just have a lot of things taking up our time and y'know... trying to catch up on promoting ourselves 'n s__t. We have more bars coming out..... the El Toro STEEL pursuit bar is coming out end of the month. This will be the only steel bullhorn bar on the market we think. We have had multiple e-mails of people destroying their alloy bullhorns on a regular basis. We made these for them. First batch will be 26.0's like Nitto's are. If you prefer 25.4, give us a holler. We are also wrapping up development on straight bars in colors (how hard can that be?). Plus we are testing the B-Side 650b MTB frame and finishing specs on a new mixte frame. Yes, mixte!
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