Thursday, September 25, 2008

Colorful Additions (Just in Time For Interbike)

The Interbike Trade Show is going on right now and Soma is not showing. We have people there meeting with distributors and the usual suspects, but we haven't done the $20,000 Vegas song and dance for a few years now. One reason is we can't seem to do our product releases all at once like most companies. Our guys at Interbike will be telling our distributors we will have these "five things" coming out in the spring...then maybe at the annual Christmas dinner after a couple of pints someone will blurt out "pink pedals to match our pink toe clips!" or something and we'll end up doing those and a couple more projects. It's not necessarily prudent, but that's just the way we are and that is why I will alway have things to blog about each month.

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Soma Somax Track Hubs and Hellyer Track Pedals are now available in anodized colors beyond black and silver. Gold, pink, red, and blue. The pink pedal isn't designed to go with our hot pink toe clips (oh well), but they'll look "smashing, baby" with the chrome or white clips. We promise to have Somax wheels in colors in a few months.

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