Friday, November 14, 2008

Win This

Buena Vista in action

Well not exactly win like in a raffle. And not exactly "this" one pictured. A comparably-built version of the not yet released Buena Vista mixte will be on the auction block at SF Bike Coalition's Winterfest shindig on Dec. 7. So you have to bid to win it.

Follow the link to get more info on attending or volunteering at this bash.

The custom fixed gear build will be Soma'd out with Oxford bars, Leather Double Toe Straps, Shiner Wheelset Hellyer Cranks and other goodies. American Cyclery will also be donating some parts on it along with their consummate building skills. If the display bike is not your size, you can exchange it through American, though we must warn you that production models are not slated to arrive until January.


Anonymous said...

More info! More pictures! Pretty please??

Somacisco said...

more pix are up on our flickr site.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Now if you could communicate the updated delivery timeline with the shops who have customers like me who have paid 100% up front for a frame due last summer. Or maybe even answer the email from those customers . . . .

Somacisco said...

Sorry you have been left hanging by your bike shop, unfortunately things get delayed some time. We had posted updates on the blog regarding this.
We are pushing our factory to get these in January, but being a small fish, we don't have as much pull as other bike manufacturers.

Brian said...

Using 650B wheels on the small frame, what is the widest tire you could fit, with & without fenders?
Any further news on the delivery date?