Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Hellyer Drillium chainring has been around for a while now, but we did recently receive them in a 48t size. One day a Sugino SG75 black drive-side arm and a Hellyer ring ended up on the same table and we got to thinking how good the combo looked together. See for yourself:

We also got our hands on the brand new high-flange Suzue Classica Road Hubs.

* 280g rear and 160g front!
* 28, 32, and 36h configurations, 130mm spacing rear
* Smooth sealed Japanese bearings

They look as good on an 80's Japanese touring bike as they do on a modern race-inspired frame.


Stephen said...

What are these Beautiful Hubs going to cost? Are they Available now?

How do I order?

Stephen Simon
Kettering Ohio

Anonymous said...

Where can you buy these? So beautiful!!!

Somacisco said...

Not to plug shamelessly, but they are available now at the Soma Shop

Anonymous said...

Wow, are the Suzue hubs really $400 a set?! That seems a little pricey since you can get Campy Record (albeit it now only comes in black -ugh) and DA 7900 for less! Hopefully, the Suzue are "as good." Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Are the Suzue hubs available for Shimano and Campy?

They are beautiful hubs, and will look great on a 650b bike I'll soon be building up.


Jon said...

Does anybody have any ideas about the number of engagement points? What does the hub look like inside?