Monday, July 6, 2009

Rollin around town

Dig the rack? It's a chrome-plated mini front rack with struts that attach at the axle (drilled for track axles, too). I like that there isn't a need for any mid-fork mounts or eyelets; I was able to take a classy looking rack and install it on a track fork in five minutes. The box was installed with a box cutter and two bungee cords. Made my Saturday morning grocery run bag free. It is really pleasant, especially when it is warmer, to not have a bag on your back.

I thought this was a cool angle. The angular buildings in the foreground are a nice contrast to the big square buildings in the background (I guess the roof of the car is actually the foreground, but I am no student of photography. Just a camera-phoneographer.)

Out enjoying the pretty weather on my Double-Cross, fresh from the powdercoaters. Come cross season it will get some white striated tape, making the bike that much faster.

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sandokel said...

What rack is that. I have been looking for the SOMA mini alloy rack but that looks better and bigger.