Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dream Commuter

Our friends up at the Bicycle Business in Sacramento built up their dream commute bike, using our Double-Cross Disc as the base.

Shimano Dynamo front hub, Paul Thumbie shifter and chain guide, Shimano Alfine brakes, Sycip Wonder bar, Cardiff Wessex saddle.

The fenders are hammered Honjos, the rear rack is a Nitto R15. The Swiss-made Pletscher double kickstand looks perfect for this setup.

The upright position, all weather fenders and disc brakes, generator light, comfortable saddle, sturdy (and classy) rear rack, and 1x9 drivetrain all speak to commuting reliability and comfort.

You can actually buy this build, should you like it as much as we do.


Anonymous said...

No competition with the Velo Orange's bike. Sorry:


Somacisco said...

Apples and oranges, no pun intended.

That is indeed a pretty bike though.

Anonymous said...

The VO bike is nice looking, but isn't nearly as nice an everyday commuter. Have you ever even used a front rack?

Adam said...

Front v. rear is a personal choice (assuming, of course, that your bike has appropriate geometry -- putting a front load on a high trail bike, or a rear load on a low trail bike are both losing combinations).

I happen to commute on a porteur bike -- I just plop by backpack on the front rack and ride.

But I've also commuted a rear loader with panniers and liked both.

Both great bikes -- definitely apples & oranges.