Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Introducing The Soma Saga

Our first shipment of Sagas have finally arrived. We know we took our sweet time, but in hindsight, we think it was worth taking time to dial things in.

This is probably the only touring frame readily available in the USA of high quality heat treated CrMo (Tange Prestige). When we originally said heavy duty, some people weren't sure what we meant. The goal was something in between a hard core expedition-style "take the kitchen sink to the Himalaya foothills" frame (like the Thorne Sherpa) and the standard "hard core USA tourist" to borrow terms from one of our blog readers. Another way to say it, is we wanted to make the most rugged and reliable frame out there aimed at carrying the loads the average "hard core USA tourist" normally carries.
• We specced a headtube that will probably be strong enough for free-ride use and it's taller than even our other frames to make it easier for you to get that upright position.
• The tube gauges and butts are specially specced for loaded touring.
• We took extra care in adding slightly more brazing material on the rear rack mounts.
• There's even a plate behind the BB for a double kickstand, if you wish to go that route.
• It's all wrapped up in a navy powdercoat with vanilla panels and gold accents.
This picture below shows a pre-production model. Many thanks to Pedal Revolution for the sweet build. More pictures on our Flickr page.

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