Friday, September 4, 2009

Super Everwear Tires

No, we didn't just make the tread thicker. (We already have arguably the thickest, longest lasting tread you can find on a 23c and 26c tires) We mined the brains at Panaracer (while they were sleeping) for the best technology to juice up our Everwears and after a week of sleepless nights we found the mojo.

Now I shall read from the prepared statement:
The Soma Super Everwear 700c tire boasts a superior casing that offers a significantly stiffened sidewall and 10x the puncture resistance of unbelted road tires and 4x the puncture resistance of Kevlar® belt technology.

We aren't going to give it a snazzy marketing name, but trust us, it does its job. Available now in some shops. In a few months, also look for Everwears to finally be available in 28c.
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