Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This week on "Stuff We're Stoked On"

We decided to offer up our Shotwell stem in a white powdercoat finish:

IRD just released their venerable Crossfire tire in white, and we had to get our hands on a set. Just in time for cross season, have the fastest looking bike out there.

Our new straight-blade track fork, Tange tubing, 100% pretty. Click.

One more bit of shameless self-promotion: we have the Stanyan, Van Ness, and Saga Framesets in stock and are now listed on the Soma Shop.


Saddle Up said...

What is the axle to crown length? It appears to be cross bike size (400mm)from the amount of clearance above the tire.

Somacisco said...

RSS feed should be fixed.

Axle to crown is the same 365mm as our other track forks. Pictured is a 26 inch, hence the clearance (and bar-spinability).