Friday, December 18, 2009

Everwear....Now in 28c's

You fans of our 5mm thick treaded, long lasting Everwears asked for it.
Available now in black or colored stripes.


Ben Lewis said...

Have you figured out how to keep the sidewalls from blowing out? 5mm of rubber is just weight unless the sidewalls outlast the tread.

(I don't want to give the impression that this was an isolated occurrence, it happened to all three rear tires I owned. My normal tire lifespan is between 2 and 3 weeks - sidewalls should outlast that)

Somacisco said...

We know some people had sidewall issues. We designed the Super Everwear especially for those folks who seem to be have bad luck with their sidewalls.

We don't want to give the impression that a large number of customers have problems with their sidewalls. If that were true, shops would have stopped buying these a long time ago and we would stop making them.