Friday, February 26, 2010

Subscribe To Bicycle Times - Win A Buena Vista

For a chance to win a Buena Vista frame set check out Bicycle Times issue #5. Fill out the form to subscribe and you have your name in the running. Bicycle Times (published by the same folks as Dirt Rag) is all about fun. Commuting, exploring, touring, transporting, it’s all good. There’s city rides to be done, and country rides too, all presented with an informative, no-attitude style, on the web and in the quarterly print magazine. Bicycle Times, for your everyday cycling adventure! Print or digital subscriptions available!

Winner will have their choice of the Bacardi White or new for 2010 Graphite(Metallica Gray) paint scheme.

Gals dig mixtes; maybe that's why so many guys are getting them, too.
Upright bars and tweed are optional. Mixtes in the 70's rocked
drop bars and so can the Buena Vista. More pix here.
Photo by Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland


-b said...

is BT just sending you a list of new subscribers? and then you're randomly picking from that list?

when will the winner be notified?

somacisco said...

the magazine will be selecting a winner after April 19th. we don't have any involvement in the execution of the contest except to provide the frame to the winner. details are in the issue.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have pictures of the new Graphite color for the Buena Vista?

-Kirke (currently building up my Stanyan frameset!)

Anonymous said...

When will the new graphite frames be available, and when can we see some pictures?