Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Many Updates On 2010 Frames

We will be receiving our first batch of 2010 frames next month. We don't go by model year, but we happened to group a lot of exciting changes to hit this spring, so calling it '2010' seems appropriate.

A quick run-down by model:

(UPDATED 5/27) There will be a special edition Rush with Tange track ends, sans bottle bosses khaki green paint and alternative graphics/headbadge.

The current design with laser cut track ends will still be available in Slick Black and Pearl White. We'll see later in the year which version is preferred by dealers and customers.

Double Cross:
Our do-all frame gets a creamy Ivory paint job. New "rising sun" headbadge.

Double Cross DC:
Same ritzy but understated Midnight Silver paint. New "rising sun" headbadge.

Our road sport frame gets its name shortened to reduce confusion with our "Smoothie" road race frame. One color: Deep Metallic Red. Geometry gets tweaked on the smaller sizes, but you still have your choice of 11 sizes. New "rising sun" headbadge.

Keeping the Pearl White from last year, but with refreshed decals. New "rising sun" headbadge.
Matching steel fork available.

The touring frame keeps its Navy with cream panels paint job, but gets the new "rising sun" headbadge.

Our lugged road sport frame will stay Slick Black, but will get new decals and the "rising sun" headbadge.

New metallic head badges: You'll see the 'rising sun' badge on most models.
The "Sutro Fog" badge is planned for the Rush and a couple of other models.

Buena Vista:

Our Bacardi White mixte frame will be offered along with a new Metallic Graphite paint. Decals will be not be removable this year. People seemed to prefer permanent decals on this model, though we've spied one awesome whited-out BV on the web. The White will get the "rising sun" badge and the Graphite will receive the "Sutro fog" headbadge

Our classic hardtail will be offered in one color for 2010 -- Capucchino. New "rising sun" head badge. But we intend to offer the older colors - Slick Black and Baja Blue - through the summer.

Our 29er frame will come in a kickin' Candy Apple Green. Other colors discontinued. New "rising sun" head badge.

Same color scheme as last year...Carmelized Orange with cream panels. Still one of the most handsome 650b hardtails around. New "rising sun" head badge.

That's it for now. Any models not mentioned here will be discussed on a future post. We have no photos of new colors yet. Sorry.
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