Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Xpress Reflective

We got some of our venerable New Xpress 700c tires in with a new reflective sidewall stripe. These will help keep you safe at night and of course features our HyperTex casing to ward off punctures. Shown is the 32c size. I was running 28 New Xpress tires previously, and while the 32s are a big tire, I haven't noticed a lot of additional rolling resistance, and all that tire goes a long way towards taming even the crappiest of roadways. I am looking forward to some longer, brevet-style rides this spring and some cycle-camping/touring. The 32c size is great when you load up your bike, the bigger footprint and volume really helps stabilize the bike.

Clearance on a Double-Cross, tons of room for fenders (or bigger tires):

Tread pattern on a 32c (similar to the 28c and 35c patterns, the 26c and 23c are a bit smoother):


Mile High Mark said...

I'm liking those tires.

Any update on when the next shipment of (Saga) frames will hit the states?

Bob said...

What frame size is that Double Cross? Thanks.

Somacisco said...

that was a 58 or 60cm