Thursday, April 22, 2010

YES! The ES's Are Here!

The ES (formerly the "Smoothie ES") is an awesome multi-purpose road frame. While it may not have as quick moves as our Smoothie, it is plenty fun. And what you may give up in race talent, you gain much in other ways.
  • More stability on speedy downhills
  • Steers straight w/o much rider input, which is why it is a great long distance bike
  • Ability to take 32c tires, which really can smooth out rough pavemint and reduce fatigue
  • More room for fenders
  • Enough room for smaller panniers (I use grocery panniers on mine)
Please note you are not giving up any raw speed. The ES uses the same gauge tubes as the Smoothie and weighs only slightly more (weight difference comes from geometry differences). The ES is the only frame we make in 11 sizes. We also offer 3 different fork options, a carbon fork, a lugged steel fork, and a more affordable unicrown model.

Distributors should be getting theirs in a couple of weeks.

Read unsolicited reviews of the ES and other Soma frames here.


Celry said...

Wow. Gorgeous. 64cm for me please.

TymB said...

Some online SmoothieES reviews indicate no fender/mudguard eyelets on seat-stay and chain-stay bridges. I am in UK, fenders are essential equipment for year-round commuting. Has this omission been amended? Cheers, t

tony said...

Great news. Any chance in seeing one built up?

Anonymous said...

My blue ES has been a great bike. The geometry is perfect. Sorry to see the blue color go, but the red is equally nice.

JimOfOakCreek said...

I just finished building out my new 64CM red Smoothi ES using 9 speed 105, Ultegra and DA components. The frame soaks up rough roads better than any frame I've ever sat on. She's a beauty!!

Somacisco said...

TymB: The ES has always allowed for fender mounting...just not the threaded hole type Honjos like better.
Jim: Let's see pictures when you have them.

JimOfOakCreek said...

Somacisco, how do I attach a JPG of my bike to my post?

Somacisco said...

For an interestingly built up ES -- view here

Somacisco said...

Jim: Don't know if you can post to the blog. Just e-mail the pix to us somainfo(at)