Friday, August 13, 2010

Copper Crane Bells, 650B tires=new stuff in the Soma Store!!

Beautiful copper Crane Bells!! Look and sound great! Pictured above is the Suzu and we've also got the Sakura which has an alloy clamp. I've got the Suzu on my mixte and I am quite fond of it!

And we've got two new 650Bx38 tires! Why two you ask? The answer is why not!? This is America, revel in your choices!!

New B-Line 650Bx38 tires. Perfect for touring or randonneuring!

The specs:
- Standard nylon casing and offers a true 38mm width.
- Raised Pasela tread
- Made in Japan

New Xpress
650Bx38c Skinwall
. Puncture resistant Hyper-tex casing makes it extra good for touring and randonneuring.

The specs:

- Uses HyperTex Casing which offers extra puncture resistance without the harsh ride quality of a Kevlar belt.
- The casing reduces the tire’s ability to expand to a full 38mm.
- Raised Pasela tread
- Made in Japan


franklyn said...

Wonderful news! I am looking forward to try the New B-Line tires on my Kogswell/Rawland/Ebisu. One thing that wasn't apparent on the blog/product page is whether these tires are folding tires or with wire bead. Maybe SOMA can specify that...

Somacisco said...

Hey Franklyn,
Thanks for checking in! They both are folding tires..

Victoryperfect said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!
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deva said...

Nice one! There's still the other way if you'll need it...

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