Thursday, August 5, 2010

From Fairbanks, Alaska To Our Backyard

While you and I have been at work all week, there are always those in the summer months who haven't been at work at all. In fact they haven't been in office/shop/quarry for a couple of months, the bastards!

We want to highlight one such a bast-- ahem -- individual today. His name is George. He says he works at Virginia Tech (I guess he's on summer break. ) He has been on the road since June 7th, starting his trek from Fairbanks, Alaska down here to San Francisco. (That's nearly 2,500 miles) He should be in the Bay Area tomorrow.

He is doing this not only to view and breath in the rugged allure of the Pacific Northwest or to show that you can travel thousands of miles without a car, but to also raise money for the Center for Biological Diversity, an organization involved in the Gulf oil spill response. He's raised $2000 so far. If you are feeling awesome, you can help him raise more money than miles travelled, because unlike George, you are earning a paycheck this month.

Be sure to check out his blog, Bicycle Pacific NW for more pix, videos (the vids are nicely edited, not lame stuff off a phone), maps and journals. George's main companion on this ride has been his Soma Groove. Disclaimer: George was not sponsored by us for this ride...we only found out about his trip when contacted us just a few days ago to see if he could visit us while he was in the Bay Area. Polite young man...not a bastard... calls before visiting.

Giving his Soma Groove a lift in return.
Try doing that with a car!

Photo at top: Caribou horns found along the
road from Fairbanks to Whittier
By George Makrinos
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