Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shop Spotlight: Black Top Cyclery

Blacktop is Bakersfield, CA's only mobile bike boutique. They are a full service repair shop that comes to you, but they don't only do repairs and tune-ups. They can special order hard to find parts. They can build you a dream bike from the ground up, which is how we found them. They had a couple of awesome Soma builds on their blog. Above is a VanNess with a Soma Sparrow w/brown Velox Tape (shellac'd). They also have a Buena Vista build up there, too.

Since they took the time to post some nice photos of our bikes on their site, we thought we'd return the favor and give them some publicity here.


joseph said...

alright black top!!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome, Bakersfield has room and plenty of focus for this. The air is dirty, those who ride in it are bad ass.

I hope the cycling spirit continues after all the kids get tired of their fixies, and get back on skateboards. (or roller-blades by the looks of some of em)