Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nitto B808AA: Tough as nails, adaptable as a (insert urban predator here)

New from Nitto, a handlebar that can be used in conjunction with both a 22.2mm BMX stem and a 25.4mm stem! How is that possible? How can that be? It's all in the shim folks, with the power of the shim this handlebar can transcend the limitations of mortal handlebars(I wish I had a shim..not fair).

Besides the fact that the B808AA can be used with two stem sizes, its suuuper sturdy. Weighing in at 420 grams, this is an excellent bar for bmx or trick/track riding and mountain biking. Check out the cross-section:

Here are some more specs:
- 9 degree bend
- 600 mm wide
-Made of Aluminum

Now in the Soma Store...

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