Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Soma Frame Prize Finally Gets Claimed

Over a year ago in the winter of 2009, Patrick Wilson won a raffle put on by two guys who needed money for their bike tour (wekeepgoing.com). He made known he wanted a Soma Stanyan lugged frame(guys got good taste). But he never gave them an address where to send them and subsequent e-mails went unanswered.
Who wins a big raffle prize, but doesn't claim it?
Here's the "perfectly good explanation":

Patrick was an army specialist serving in Tal Afar, Iraq. At the time he was a medic with the MP's who were training the Iraqi police and army. Not too many places stocking bike parts out there.
He has been a back in States for awhile, but it was only a recently Patrick hit up the We Keep Going guys about the raffle. So Patrick will be finally able to build his new bike real soon.

"I won a So-ma! I won a So-ma!"

Army Specialist Patrick Wilson shows how Iraq looks
a little like Mars after a sandstorm.
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