Thursday, April 14, 2011

Celebrating "Rush" on the Boob Tube

The NYC messenger reality series "Triple Rush" premieres tonight on the Travel Channel as if you didn't know already. I think it's gotten just as much press as "Premium Rush" if not more.

To celebrate the premiere, the SomaFab shop is offering a not-to-be-repeated killer deal on the slick black Soma Rush fixed gear frame. For the next three days, most likely you won't find a cheaper price on the internet. Sure it doesn't have fancy cut out fork ends or do bar spins or have our new headbadge, but what it is though is one of the few remaining CrMo frames with heat-treatment and a sub 4.25 lb weight. You get the sharp handling geometry of a velodrome racer with the lively ride quality that heavier (cheaper) steel tubes just can't duplicate. Offer must end Sunday night!

Also we'd like to announce we are finally offering our Morning Rush Coffee Holder without the travel mug. It still has the same stainless steel ring and the angle adjustable Cat Eye quick release mount that other coffee holders don't have. If it will make your weekend, we'll knock off a couple bucks on that as well. Why not?

Sorry, mug not included anymore,
but we're dropping the price way lower.
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