Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Facebook Users: We Are Migrating from a Group Page to a Fan Page

We are currently migrating from the Group format to a Fan Page format.
Facebook prefers pages of brands to be on a Fan Page. Also the group format was not designed to have hundreds of members. So they are going to "archive" the Soma Users Group "in the coming months". As you know when you become a fan the posts we make on our page automatically appear on your wall. If that gets annoying, you can always turn it off. But we really don't post that much.

So what does this mean to you Facebook users?
We ask you stop joining the Soma Users Group. Instead just "Like" us on our fan page.
Also tag your photos of your Soma bikes to the Soma fan page instead of the Soma friend page.

We surprised the first "Liker" and the first "Poster" to our new page by awarding Soma Woodie tools for their prompt response to our request. We don't want to bribe folks to like us, but I won't rule out more surprises as we hope to surpass the current amount on our Group page.
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