Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Freebird Velo's New Bike, Mabel!

Jennie who blogs and screen-prints t-shirt under the moniker FreeBirdVelo just sent us pics of her newly completed ivory [color retired for 2012, sorry] Double Cross. What caught our eye first were the custom panniers by VeniceVelo. She writes: "Thank you for making such an amazing, affordable product. I haven't ridden steel since my first Mtn bike 20 some years ago and it's awesome to ride. Couldn't stop smiling."
On  her blog she muses: "I knew she was going to be a special bike because on the way home there was a full moon. The kind where you expect to see a witch or Elliot and ET flying across. It was then that I agreed upon Mabel as her official name. Actually her name came about because I was kind of hungry and I was thinking about donuts. My favorite is a maple bar, her frame has a similar color to the icing. Also, she's steel and kind of heavy, she's not going to take shit from anything, so Mabel sounded like a big 'ol southern lady. Perfect."
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