Monday, March 12, 2012

Ewald 257GB Multi-fit Rack

Check out what arrived at Soma HQ today! Wald's new cargo rack.

This thing is sweet! We've talked about Wald stuff before, and this rack is one of the coolest products they've ever put out. We've seen couriers hack off the tops of Wald delivery baskets so we asked Wald if they could make a sturdier option that would fit all our bikes. And this is the result.

The clamp is adjustable to fit 25.4 to 31.8 bars. The stays are adjustable too, so you can get the platform at the right angle.

This thing measures a generous 19" wide by 13" long. The front of the basket is open it can accept large objects like long boxes. You can use bungee straps to keep them in place. The rails on the sides keep your load from slipping off when you make a turn. This rack is great for pizza boxes or if you want to attach a storage container to it. You could even attach a Wald Giant Delivery basket and have an extra sturdy setup.

Wald is one of the oldest companies still in the business, and one of the very few companies making affordable american made products. You can read about Grandpa Ewald and the history of the Wald company on their website here We will be getting a big shipment of these racks as soon as they are available, so stay tuned.

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