Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Iggy Wheelsets

Internal gear hubs are neat. They give you all the functionality of gears with the simplicity of a single speed drivetrain. Our Iggy wheelsets use Sturmey Archer hubs and come in a variety of speeds and wheel sizes.   

From a maintenance perspective an internal  gear hub makes a lot of sense because the mechanism is sealed from the elements. It’s also allows you to fit a chain guard to protect your pants from med and grease. 

Lots of people have put them on road and track bikes to convert them into more commuter friendly city bikes. If you happen to have a single speed it’s very simple to add an internally geared wheel. They also work great on geared bikes when used with a chain tensioner. 


Using a dual pulley tensioner like the Paul Melvin allows you to run a front derailleur and increase your range. 

There are now several shifter options depending on which style of bar you choose. We offer a matching front wheel in both 700c and 26" as well.
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