Friday, June 29, 2012

New Fork Options

We get a lot of calls from customers and bike shops looking for this fork in such and such a size. We want you to know we hear you. Here's a couple of new forks we're carrying.

Soma Lugged Road Forks with 1" threaded steer tubes

Ask and you shall receive. Threaded forks to you your classic road frame. They sport the same curved blades and crown lug as the forks we make for our Smoothie frames, but with threaded steer tubes in 4 pre-cut lengths (140mm, 170, 200, 239). They use standard 49mm reach road brakes and have fender eyelets. Chrome plated to match any paint job.

Tange Prestige Carbon Disc Fork

Finally a lightweight carbon option to match our Doublecross Disc frame (and other 700c bikes). These look sweet with the new black DC paint. Also a great way to retrofit a front disc on your Canti equipped frame. They say 80% of your stopping power is in the front brake, and anybody who has tried modern disc brakes knows that it really makes a difference, especially in the mud. A good option for running a single front brake on your fixed gear too.
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