Friday, August 24, 2012

Soma Rush and Premium Rush: No Relation, Really

This is a primer for the new punks just getting into fixed gear.

You old timers can hit the snooze button.

This post is a pre-emptive clarification that our track frame, the Rush, is not named Rush because we were inspired by the new Premium Rush bike messenger action flick. Though we can't say the thought of trying to "cash in" some how did not cross our mind -- ha ha.

The Rush was part of the original line-up of four frames when we started Soma in 2001.
The idea was for a fast track-inspired steel frame. Durable, too. Since more than a couple of messengers complained that the few track frames available then didn't last them all that long.
We didn't know how popular they would be, but when our first production sold out in less than four months, we had our first clue.

The Rush is available as frame alone, which gives you build options galore. Soma offers matching color threadless forks, straight blade forks or you can choose a threaded fork so you can run a quill stem for that classic look.

The current Soma Rush is of Tange Prestige double butted CrMo steel (original was Reynolds 631). It weighs in around 4.1 lbs which is lighter than most steel track frames available today. But the big difference is not weight –– a extra 3/4 pound is not much more to pedal around on –– not a big deal at all if you aren't racing. BUT that extra tubing thickness makes a significant difference in ride feel of the frame, especially if you are riding 23c's. We won't try to convince you here, but just ask someone who has ridden a custom steel frame the difference between cheap steel bikes and a nice steel bike.

Till you are believers, young ones...  ride often, watch for car doors, wear a helmet and don't believe everything you see in movies.

The Soma Rush make a good roommate. Photos: Joaquin S.
Shower photo: "EpicSchwinn"

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