Monday, December 3, 2012

Sugino OX601 Cranks

Brand new goodies just in from Japan.

The OX 601 cranks are a more affordable version of Sugino's Multi BCD (Bolt Circle Diameter) cranks, which allow you to mix and match with a wide range of chainrings.

These are ideal for anyone who wants a super stiff outboard bearing crankset, but wants the flexibility to run a super low climbing gear and a mid range big ring.

 Modern ramped chainrings for smooth shifting even between large jumps.

They are also a good choice for cross racers who prefer a particular gearing, but can't find it in a stock configuration.

 Looks clean with the granny gear tucked in behind the big ring. No need to run a bash ring to take up space.

The chainrings are sold separately  giving you a huge amount of customization right out of the box. BB is included with the crank arms.

Coming soon to the Soma Store and a bike shop near you.

The Compact Plus+ is a double crank set
design with a 110 and 74 bolt circle which
opens a wide array of chainring combinations.

• Cold forged aluminum alloy
• Low 145mm Q-factor
• 24mm oversized BB axle
• MB-608-II BB cups included

Shimano 10/9 speed compatible and SRAM
10-speed compatible. CNC-machined. Pinned
and ramped.

The Sugino OX601D with its
Compact Plus+ spider design
allows set ups that mimic the
wide ratios of TA Specialties
Cyclo Touriste cranks.
The rings can be mounted to
either the 110mm or 74mm
bolt circle.

It allows you to break free
from the stock 50-34t set up
everyone offers and explore
a great hill-climb set-up like
46-30t (as discussed on Bike
Hugger) Thirteen possible


Paul said...

You wrote "modern raped chainrings," which I don't think is what you mean.

Anonymous said...

That looks great.

Anonymous said...

Cool, and I thought my only options for wacky double-chainring combos were from Compass Bikes (Rene Herse Cranks), and Velo Orange (like their 46/30t Polyvalent crank).

Love Sugino products! I'll be sure to get me one of these when they're in stock.

Michael said...

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Somacisco said...

Thanks Paul. Sugino does not condone the use of "raped chainrings". These are available on the SomaFab Store now.

darell - EVnut said...

>>These are available on the SomaFab Store now.<<

Can you point to where? Not under "parts > cranks" that I'd expect...

Somacisco said...


Hopefully some brick and mortar shops will pick these up, soon.

Anonymous said...

I really like this crank. The perfect thing for the new randonneur frame! Just one question: is the BB Shimano compatible e.g. could you use a Chris King BB when it needed replacing?

Mark @ GRAVELBIKE said...

Also interested in knowing if other BBs/cups can be used.

Do you have any weight info?

Bicycle Ryder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Evan Baird said...

Should be totally compatible with Shimano, Chris King ect.

Evan Baird said...

The Q-factor of the OX601D is 145mm.

d said...

why is this crank so expensive? 360 bucks is quite a bit for a crank in its weight class. for that much you can get a sram force crank that weights the same as the OX801 crank...

Evan Baird said...

@d This crank allows you to run different size chainring; the Sram doesn't. Sugino cranks are also made in Japan, in small quantities with a high level of quality control. The OX cranks are designed to stand up to many years of abuse and can be reconfigured for any kind of riding, while the Force cranks only offer a limited number of gearing options. Like all carbon components, they will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If that's what you're looking for, then carbon cranks are fine, but we like components that last.

Anonymous said...

to evan from d
thanks i dont know much about sugino as far as there company size and amount they make goes.

Ἀντισθένης said...

Wow. I can't even get the 601Ds in Japan yet. The 801Ds are about $350 US here, but once you ship them... if you can get them shipped... So don't bother learning Japanese to online shop.

Anonymous said...

I would like to use 190 mm cranks with this. Are they isis? octalink? other?

Evan Baird said...

@Anon They use a standard Shimano/X-type bb. If you need a super long crankset take a look at these.