Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wingmann Light Mount

Here's a product that a very select group of people should get very excited about.

I was looking for a way to mount a Soma Topedo Headlight to my Nitto front rack, and I wasn't really impressed with any of the options I found. The Torpedo is a little bit larger than most bicycle headlights so none of the available brackets gave me enough room to mount it to my Nitto rack without obstructing the I/O button.

After doing some poking around on the interwebs I found a number of people had hacked old centerpull brakes to mount up headlights to their front rack. I liked the look of these more than just using a bent piece of metal, but I just couldn't bring myself to destroy a perfectly good brake caliper.

I thought about just ordering up a spare piece from Dia Compe, but I realized it still would be too short to mount our headlight under my Wald basket. So I sent a drawing to our friends at Tange and they made up a few samples. Needless to say, I'm very please with how they turned out. They mount right to the M6 boss on my Nitto M-12 rack and voila! Plenty of clearance and it sits right under the basket. And better yet, I can easily get to the button to turn it off. The finish is mirror polished, with slightly rounded edges. They look a bit like a particular running shoe brand.

Of course these will work with all manner of headlights, including Dynamo lights like the Schmidt E6 and the Edelux. They can also be mounted to the fork blade braze on if you want it lower or you don't use a front rack. They're called the Wingmann Light Mounts, and they will be available to buy in the next couple months. Extra credit if you get the joke.
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