Monday, May 13, 2013

Bike Shop Spotlight: Le Cyc in Tokyo, Japan

Le Cyc is a chain of bicycle stores in Japan. From what we can tell they aren't clones of eachother like some of the chain stores in the States. The one in Tokyo which carries a few Somas has one of the most diverse collection of bikes we've seen in one store. They carry urban stuff like Linus, Vamoof and Electra (and our Buena Vista and Double Cross). They carry cargo bikes like Bullit (and our Tradesman). They carry fat tire bikes from Surly. It's all jammed tightly in a medium-size space, but done without looking like a dollar store. A bike geek can't go in without his/her eyes widening at least 5mm.  Photos: Ken Homma. (Use hyperlink in first sentence for the Google Translated page)

Soma Tradesman (version 2)

Kenpa Classic

Soma Buena Vista with drop bars and interesting saddle bag.

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