Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Frame News: Soma Saga Disc Touring

Our heavy duty touring frame finally gets the disc treatment. It took a little longer than we anticipated, but we didn't want to rush things "just to get it out there." Some folks think that a touring frame should be easier to design since it isn't built for competition, off-road use, or features fancy lugwork, but that just isn't true. Each frame project presents its own design challenges.

Photos are of the second prototype. The fork and chainstays have been redesigned. The dropouts are totally new and they have proved pretty stiff.

We expect the first batch to be ready mid-March 2014. Geometry is same as the current Saga. (The cantilever brake model Saga remains unchanged from 2013.)


Anonymous said...

Good color and a good fork.

Jeffrey Jay said...

just out of curiosity, how large are the tires in the pictures? I'm just wondering about fitting some 29er tires for some bike packing? Thanks.