Thursday, March 20, 2014

Grand Randonneur Porteur Build

Dave rebuilt his GR with some upright bars and sent in some snaps. Looks pretty nice!


Josh said...

Simply fantastic build, Dave! Any chance you would post your parts list breakdown?

Unknown said...

Soma 58cm Grand Randonneur
650b x 38 Soma New Express Tires
Albatross Handlebars
Soma Porteur Rack (Oak slats added)
IRD: headset, dynohub, high flange rear hub, triple crankset, front derailleur
Gilles Berthoud (650b 50mm mudguards, saddle, mud flap )
Sackville saddlebag (added a hard liner)
Lights (Schmidt headlamp, Spanninga Pixeo Xs Fender Mount Taillight - both Dynamo powered )
Shimano ( LX 9spd rear derailleur, shimano 9spd Dura Ace bar end shifters)
Rims (Velocity Atlas)

Ryan Silva said...

I know that low trail rando frames are supposed to handle a front load well, but randonneuring usually involves a smallish front load. How does it handle a large heavy rack like the one you have installed? I'm actually more interested in how it handles when the bike is stopped:

I have a bike with a very large trail (it's more of a cruiser) and a front rack like the one in these photos. If you ever so slightly tilt the bike, the front wheel (and rack) quickly and violently swings around and slams into the frame. I installed a spring to stabilize the wheel; it kind of works but I can tell the spring will only help so much due to the amount of force involved.

I'm very interested in whether a low-trail geometry would solve this problem or if the real solution is just to get a bike with a frame-mounted front rack.

Evan Baird said...

Handling when stopped or riding slow is different from when you're moving due to the pneumatic trail of the tire. A wider tire running a lower pressure will help to center the wheel once you get moving, but wheel flop is also affected by the weight distribution in relation to the tire's contact patch. The best way to carry heavy loads on this style of bike is in front panniers mounted level with the hubs.

Ryan Silva said...

True and I do have a low-mount front rack for touring on my touring bike, but I'm wondering if low trail will make Porteur racks easier to use while stopped.

I'm OK with the way mine handles while riding (maybe it could be better), it's the flop while stopped which really drives me mad.

Drew said...

I'm looking to mount a light to my Soma porteur rack in this same fashion. I can't tell from the photo's how or where the mount attaches to the rack? And is that a DIY mount? Thanks. Great looking ride.

Evan Baird said...

It's mounted to the dropouts and the fork crown. You can also attach them to the mini rack eyelets with aftermarket hardware.