Monday, May 5, 2014

Soma Cazadero Mixed Terrain Tires

Happy Monday everybody! Here's some fun Soma product news to distract you this morning.

These puppies have been in the works for quite a while, but we just got the first batch of sample tires in from Japan. They're loosely based on the Panaracer Fire CX 45mm monster cross tires, but with a few tweaks that make them a bit more versatile.

The tread is a bit shallower than the Fire CX and features a connected center to reduce buzz on paved roads, and a curved profile to maximize frame clearance and fit better under fenders.

They measure 42mm wide on a Suzue disc wheelset, which will fit many existing frames such as the Soma Saga (pictured) and Saga Disc, Double Cross and Double Cross Disc, as well as our upcoming Wolverine frameset.

They're made with a folding Kevlar bead, and compliant skinwall casing similar to the B-Line and C-Line tires.

Like the Fire CX, the rear tread can be run in reverse for extra traction on loose gravel or sandy hardpack.

These should be available in shops sometime in July.

The samples we received are all 700c, however we will also offer a 650b version which would be a great option for many bikes out there such as the Soma Grand Randonneur, many models from Rawland, Rivendell, and Ocean Air Cycles, as well as quite a few disc equipped CX bikes which might benefit from a wider tire than they'll take in 700c.

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