Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Andrew's 26" B-Side


I saw your post on the 26" wheeled B-side.

I have been running 26” wheels exclusively on my B-side for over a year  In fact I purchased it with that intent.  I have the 13.5” model.

I have outfitted my bike with many of my favorite vintage components, and a few updated ones:  Rock Shox Revelation 90-135 coil spring fork.  9 speed XT drivetrain with compact 5 bolt cranks, 44/32/20 chain rings, XT rear derailleurs,  XT 12x34 cassette, Dura Ace shifters with Paul’s Thumbies mounts.  Avid BB7 brakes.  Mavic wheels with WTB Mutano-Raptor 2.5/Nano-Raptor 2.1 tires.  30 degree sweep handlebar with Ergon grips.  Cane Creek Thud Buster ST post.  

I have been riding MTBs since the late 70’s.   I have been through more bikes than I care to count. The B-side geometry is a perfect fit for me.  But even more than that, I can honestly say it is the best all around MTB I have ever ridden.  Then again, I also rather fond on my Soma Groove and ES as well.

Andrew Will

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