Monday, July 28, 2014

Finn's Saga

Hey friends at SOMA, 

I recently had a ridiculous experience getting lost in the Cascades of Southern Oregon, on top of a mountain whose name I still do not know. Some erroneous maps and a wonky GPS sent my traveling companion and I off into a maze of "paved roads" which turned out to be long abandoned forest service paths, paved with nothing more than 4 inches of dust and scree.

I was riding a Saga, and rolling 2 inch tires and 40 pounds of gear, and it was only near the top of the Nameless Mountain that I had to get off my bike and push. The road eventually got so bad that we had to take our panniers off, and portage bikes and gear up the mountain separately - at the summit, we found a gravel road, and radioed out for water and an accurate map. 

My point is that I'm really fucking impressed how far I got up the mountain on what is not strictly a mountain bike. I thought you'd like a photo of the bike, who is named Sisyphus, and the absurd amount of dust it had accumulated by the time I'd hauled it up to the summit. 

Thanks for being rad (and local),

Finn Black, San Francisco

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