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Soma Woodie-20 Multi-Tool
"Overall performance is pretty good, but then I'd expect it to be. Slightly chewed cleat, grot blasted mudguard and bottle boss bolts were easily exorcised, using the T25 bit, rather than the 4mm: the Torx splines mate more securely, reducing the likelihood of rounding.....The rounded wooden side plates also fit nicely in the palm, reducing discomfort tackling these and rogue square taper crank bolts. Getting the latter wound suitably tight required some patience but wasn't overly laborious. No grazed knuckles and agricultural language to date.
These qualities came into their own when breaking and re-joining chains. I've had no problems with 7, 8, 9, and 10 speed. It chomps through middleweight track/single speed fare better than I was expecting, too."

Bikes Etc. Magazine UK Reviews the Smoothie 
"absolutely a mid-70's Stevie Nicks-level gorgeous. It's hard not to warm to a bike when it looks this good. Luckily, even it were pug-ugly the Soma would still endear itself with a ride that is, as its name suggests, extremely smooth."

"The skinny tubes led us to suspect it might be on the flexy side. However, the back end, which come into play when pedaling hard, is fairly unbending.The front is more flexible side-to-side, although this only becomes noticeable when sprinting and even then not really to an annoying degree."

"(The geometry) Not too slack, not too flighty, just right. The head tube is moderately tall, so the default position is more suited to hours in the saddle than smashing out hot laps. The frame does a fantastic job of drowning out the chatter; making pockmarked roads feel more like freshly-laid tarmac and is definitely the most comfortable on test.[This was a multi-bike test.]

"Classly retro lookis combine with a comportable yet fast, responsive and lively ride. Overall marks: 8.5/10"
[The test bike was built with a Kinesis carbon fork, Fulcrum 5 wheels, and a Shimano 105 gruppo] (April 2016)

Soma Supple Vitesse Tires Reviewed By
The popular bike travel website does a video review on our Supple Vitesse EX tires.

Soma Cazadero Tires Reviewed By
An indepth review in 3 parts by Guitar Ted: "The standout feature for me is the Cazadero’s smoother center section which really allows the tire to roll easily on hard pack or pavement. The sensation there is that of a lighter tire, and in my opinion, this is what sets the Cazadero apart from the crowd. This makes the Cazadero a tire I feel would be a perfect match for a bike set up for mixed surface rides, touring, or as a great “all around” tire for any bike suited to gravel roads."

Soma ES: Momentum has Chris Schroeder try out a 66cm ES
Sturdy, heat-treated, butted cromoly steel frame available up to 66 cm. Out­fitted with Super Everwear tires, Mini front and Deco rear racks, Sparrow townie handlebars, Shotwell stem, Double Row threadless headset, Hellyer track crankset, and Raindog fenders all from Soma.
If you dream of biking daily in the city, with the occasional jaunt out of town, then this bike is for you. A solid, all-purpose, well-made bike available at a fair price.
The frame is so ideal that it is a shame the ES isn’t sold as a complete bike. Luckily, Soma has a branded version of enough components that you can build a complete “Soma bike” starting with this frame.
The Soma ES is perfect for city riding. The frame geometry is a good starting point for a bike focused on comfort or speed. The frame is versatile enough for a variety of riding, from long distances to short commutes.
Classi­fied as a “Road Sport” frame, the Soma ES is well priced and well built. The ES could stand for extra special, or sporty, or smooth, or sexy, or sophisticated. Any of these adjectives would be spot on for a bike that is ready for anything a city could throw at it. (Oct. 2013)
Also read "Tall Order – Finding the Perfect Fit" at Momentum's site.

Bicycle Times Goes Out With the Pick-Up Artist
The Pick-Up Artist is a great decal at $1,500. The list of compromises for the price is not long.

Less expensive steel makes a heavier overall bike, but what's a few more pounds when you are carrying 50? ... It's a solid design that has the added benefit of being easy to step over. The bike absolutely did ot wiggle side to side, even with a lot of weight up front. The [front rack's] slimness is often an asset as the bike can squeeze between cars and other obstacles easily. Read the complete review in Bicycle Times Issue 29 or click here. (Oct. 2013)

Lovely Bicycle's Impressions of blogger BikeyFace's Buena Vista:
As far as my impressions, the ride exceeded my expectations. Basically: vroom. Super-responsive, quick to accelerate, fast rolling. On flat terrain, the bike moved with me, almost effortlessly.... As far as toe overlap with the 50cm Vista frame, this will depend on your shoe size and on whether you have fenders. I experienced a bit of it, but not much....
Depending on whose fit philosophy she follows, a woman of my height could end up on either the 50cm, 54cm, or 58cm Soma Buena Vista. Having tried the extremes of this spectrum, I believe that either size can work, depending on what qualities you are looking for in the bike. When I tried the 58cm Buena Vista last year, its long virtual top tube and high, wide, swept-back handlebars made it feel like a lightweight, faster version of a Dutch bike. By contrast, the 50cm Vista with its low, narrow, upside down North Roads felt like the lovechild or a modern roadbike and a pathracer. Go large for more tame, upright. Go small for more aggressive, roadish. In each case, the bike felt stable and the ride quality was pleasant. At $499 MSRP for the frameset, this fun and versatile machine is a good value. (Dec. 2012)

Saga Touring Bike Reviewed at Paul's Bicycle Pages  Nov. '12
... The bike handles as good as it looks. It is much quicker and nimbler than the Surly Truckers yet every bit as rock solid when bombing down a steep hill with 50 pounds of touring gear. Cornering is precise with no tendency to over or under steer. On my 10 day trip over to and down the coast it was a pleasure to ride and comfortable for long days in the saddle. I've been commuting on this bike in all kinds of conditions and it always feels solid and secure.....
So I got to do my Coast Tour and since then have been riding the Saga as my everyday commuter. I really felt like I had the Cadillac of touring bikes compared to what all the people I met on the coast were riding. I know you can tour on lesser bikes but it really is more enjoyable when you have the right equipment. Even with a custom build the Soma Saga is still in the same price range as the Surly LHT and the Salsa Vaya. While they are all good bikes I really feel the Saga is a cut above in quality. 
Read the whole thing here.

Soma San Marcos Review in Bicycle Times  July '12
...My test bike [63cm size] was built with 32mm wide tires and had an incredibly smooth ride.... Rough roads and smooth gravel were less of an issue for you as long as you're not in a hurry.... The extra [top] tube certainly seemed to help with front end stiffness, as intended...I never detected any lateral flex standing on steep climbs, or shimmy on fast descents... The San Marcos looks good and does everything it was meant to. Read the whole thing here

Lovely Bicycle's Review of the Soma Smoothie  May '12
"The Soma Smoothie is an intriguing bike and I am grateful to have it at my disposal for long enough to truly get to know it. My most dominant impression so far is that it is extremely comfortable for something so aggressive and speedy. It strikes me as a good choice for those who "want it all" in a single road bike - speed, comfort, as well as options for commuting and randonneuring - and want it at a reasonable price."

She also was happy she had no toe overlap on her 52cm frame.
More at ---

Bicycling Magazine Tests the Buena Vista Mixte   Dec. '11

While I admire the beauty of many cruisers and town bikes, some feel frustratingly sluggish. Meanwhile, speedier townies seem to sacrifice the good looks or loungelike comfort I consider essential. The Buena Vista bridges these gaps. It's essentially a road bike that's easy to throw a leg over, thanks to the mixte design. The Tange Infinity steel frame and fork and the high-volume tires ride smoothly on all but the roughest roads. The frame accommodates a range of components; I built mine with a mustache bar and a three-by-eight-speed drivetrain using down-tube shifters for a retro vibe. A drop bar and integrated shifters would look equally at home and would make the bike suitable for longer rides. A number of attachment points let you outfit fenders (it accepts up to 28c tires with fenders; 33c without) and racks, which I took advantage of, easily carrying light loads around town.

Soma Saga: Adventure Cyclist Road Test Aug/Sept '11
...the Saga serves up a very stable, reassuring ride... I was very suprised at how well the Saga climbed while loaded – at no point did I feel as though I was wrestling with the bike... adding weight to the front made the Saga track as if on rails. To download the PDF of the two-page review click here.

Soma New Xpress Tire Review on Bicycle Times Aug. '11
"these rugged tires feel plenty supple for everyday use. they mount easily and last a long time (28mm size tested)"

Soma Buena Vista Review in Bicycle Times #11, June '11
"Diced through congested city streets like a Ginsu knife." PDF file

Soma Buena Vista (650b)Review on Lovely Bicycle Blog Apr. '11
"solidly constructed, versatile frame with comfortable geometry"

Soma Double Cross Review in Bicycling, Oct. '10
"The Bike That Does It All"

Soma Buena Vista Review in Paved (Premiere issue)
"offers a fresh take on the mixte"

Soma Double Cross DC Review on and (June '10)

"The Soma can fly like a mofo" (Tested with flat bars!)

Soma Double Cross DC Review in Bicycle Times, Feb. '10
"The ride quality of the steel was quickly apparent..."

Soma Smoothie Road Frame Review by
"a modern version of that classic steel road bike."

Soma Juice Review by Cool Biking Zone (Feb. '10)
"Reasonably light with a snappy feel on the trail...had my best races finishes of the last 5 years on this bike"

Soma El Toro Pursuit Bar - Urban Velo  (Aug. '09)
"Everything about the El Toro gives you the impression that it was built to last"

Soma Everwear Tires - Cog Magazine Skid Test #1 (Nov. '07)
Michelin Erileum 2 - 30 skids to blowout
Specialized Armadillo - 100 skids to blowout
Soma Everwear - 160 skids (then guys were too tired to finish off the tire)

Soma New Xpress Tires - Bike Radar (Aug. '07)
"Excellent, if expensive, lightweight choice where better puncture resistance is needed"

One Soma Rush Reviewed By 4 Different Cyclists - Fixed Gear Gallery
"I ride no handed fairly often to take pressure off my hands. Riding no handed was never a problem on the Rush."

Soma Steel Core Tire Levers - (Dec. '05)
"an elegant solution to the ongoing problem of tight tyre beads on oversized rims"

Soma Morning Rush Reviewed by (May '05)