Thursday, February 14, 2008

Goldsprints SF and Rapha Party at NAHBS

The North American Hand-Made Bike Show in Portland attracted almost 3x the attendees as last year. Exciting show, yes. But perhaps just as exciting was the Rapha Roller Race party. Where else could you see frame builders racing against eachother. It's called roller racing across the pond, but it is probably better known as "goldsprints" here stateside.

Rapha hired the newly-formed West Coast Gold Sprints outfit to supply the equipment. Soma proudly sponsored four Rush frames and a variety of parts for the bikes. Pictures capturing all the action can be seen on's Flickr page. Thanks to Teisuke for letting us re-post a couple here.

West Coast Gold Sprints is currently booking gigs not just in the SF Bay Area, but up and down the coast. Look for them (possibly) at Sea Otter this year. To find out what their next venue is, get on their mailing list.

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Daniel said...

NAHMBS was grand. I wish I knew you were a part of the rollar racing, I would have tried to get involved.