Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Soma Will Be Supporting The Wheels North Ride

Soma will be donating $1000 worth of Everwear tires for the ride.

Wheels North
recreates the historic 1909 adventure of two young men from Santa Rosa, CA, who rode their bicycles 1,000 miles to Seattle to visit the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition. Their adventure has inspired a group of modern bicyclists to follow the same route on the centennial of the original ride. The 2009 ride—dubbed “Wheels North”—is also a charity fundraiser for the Histiocytosis Association of America, a nonprofit organization seeking a cure for a rare and deadly childhood disease. You can help out by donating to the ride or directly to the Histiocytosis Association.

Wheels North is based on the award-winning book, “Two Wheels North,” written by Washington resident Evelyn McDaniel Gibb, the daughter of one of the original riders. Her book, based on her father’s memories and detailed research, tells the story of the 1909 ride through Vic McDaniel’s eyes.

Wheels North will begin on July 4, 2009, in downtown Santa Rosa at the same location chosen for the start 100 years ago. 1,000 miles later, the ride will end at Drumheller Fountain on the campus of the University of Washington, a location that the 1909 riders would have seen when it was the famous “Geyser Basin” at the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition.

Detailed information on the ride is available at the event web site: www.wheelsnorth.org
Eric Norris of CampyOnly.com is the director of this ride.

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