Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Looking Fine - Ready To Roll Fashion Show

Some pictures from the Momentum's Ready To Roll Fashion Show in Portland. This show was quite unique because it wasn't just put on for the bike crowd or bike industry. It was part of Portland Fashion Week, so you had fashion industry folk and style makers getting possibly their first taste of bike couture from Sheila Moon and others.

Does this mean Nike will launch a tweed cycling line next fall? Go to Bike Portland for the full story and more photo coverage. Thank you to Veloce Bicycles for the wonderful job of building up the Buena Vista and Smoothie used for this event.

Photos by Jonathan Maus, Bike Portland
Link to the show program(PDF)


Michael said...

What bars and brake levers are on that smoothy?

Anonymous said...

Why not Rush on the second photo? Still looks good though.

Somacisco said...

Michael: The brake levers are IRD Sylvans. The bars are either Soma Oxfords or the new Ahearn-MAP bar. Not sure what Veloce ended up using on it.

The decision to use the Smoothie was due to a last minute snafu on our part, but it does look good and shows that the Smoothie can be more than just a club racer.

m said...

Got any more pics of the BV? (I couldn't see it in the 3rd pic ;)