Monday, November 23, 2009

S.F. Bike Expo Pictures

Had a great time checking out the S.F. Bike Expo. Even though we did not exhibit, we did get a last minute opportunity to help loan a couple of bikes for the fashion show event. My camera ran out of juice before the show so I have no pix of that or the track stand competition, but I am posting up a a bunch of pix for those of you who had to work.

Both the bike shop/manufacturer and swapper halls were buzzing with cycling enthusiasts looking for anything new and interesting from folks like Sycip or Cove Bikes or on missions to hunt down vintage bargain used bikes and parts.
A couple of vendors were pushing electric bikes. One notable was Plugz, out of Sausalito. Lithium batteries, up to 20mph, 40 mile range, under $1500. Impressive specs. (Sorry no pix.)

The day was chock full of other diversions including a vintage bike show, a low rider show, track stand competition and BMX stunt course. What got the most attendance was probably the AT Showdown (Dirt Jump) competition and the Cross Palace (CX) race. The courses ran really close to teach other, so spectators could see both at the same time if they wanted. The Cross Palace course was certainly one of the most outrageous ever seen in the Bay Area. There was a steep downhill section that had some more cautious riders walking down, a section through a cattle holding pen that weaved like a maze, an indoor section, and no shortage of mud.

It was a grand menagerie of all things bicycle stuffed into a single day. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out next year. Many more pictures in our Flickr set.
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