Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More racks and random photos

Here is our new alloy mini front rack. Perfect for small loads, a Wald basket, or really anything you are aiming to carry. Check em here.

Halloween Critical Mass is always nuts. The gathering masses just before dark:

Little 'cross racing action. Course was fun, huge sand pit. If you are in the Bay, check out the next Pilarcitos race on the 14th at Sierra Point. It is a night race under the lights, and should be interesting!


Unknown said...

Is it available at some Bay Area bike shops now? Where can I walk into a store and grab one off the shelf?

Any picture of the rack installed on a 700c bike?

Stan said...

Try Manifesto in Oakland, Pedal Revolution or SF Cyclery in SF.

Updating blog with a photo of it mounted on a bike.

Unknown said...

I got one at Manifesto. The rack is lighter than I thought, and looks great in person. Will share some picture once it's mounted on a bike.

Stan said...

Great, we'd love to see em!

Unknown said...

Here is a set of photos of a bike which features the front rack. The bike also has the Oxford handlebar and the Tanaka alloy fenders.

Feel free to use the photos as long as you cite the source.

Stan said...

That is a fantastic build, the fender/rack fit is perfect. Lookin good!

Unknown said...

Thanks. Here is my blog post about the build.

I like the rack and the fenders. The rack isn't a perfect fit for a fork with more offset (lower trail), as the platform will sit quite a bit away from the fork, and the steel tang will extend too far out to keep the rack stable.

Since fork with high offset (low trail) are suitable for carry front load, maybe you can consider modify the rack so that it will fit low-trail fork better in the future.